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Underwater Design Plans by Kent Markham
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Popular Mechanics

Scuba Tow Plans
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Scuba Tow SEL Plans
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Delta Wing
One Man Sub Plans
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Silent Runner
Two Man Sub Plans
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Tinkerbelle 2 Sailboat Plans

Kingston 15 Pocket Yacht Plans

Hydrofoil Boat Plans

Lawrence Water Glider

Off-Road Minibike Plans

H20 Underwater Camcorder Housing Plans

Hydrophone Plans

"Home Depot" Ultralight Plans

Sky Tribe Powered Paraglider Plans

Flitplane Ultralight Aircraft Plans

No Refunds are Offered on Plan Purchases.

R.R.M.S. Two Diver Sub

Mantaray: Ready-to-Dive Sub

Phoenix 1000: 213' Luxury Submarine

Discovery: 27' Personal Luxury Submarine

Nomad: 64.5' Luxury Submarine

Triton 650: Ready-to-Dive Sub

Triton 1000: Deep Diving Submersible

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