Now Featuring A/W 95 & Compcop G-1 Helicopter Plans
-- NEW --

Up for auction is a DVD of the most Popular Gyrocopter and Helicopter plans. For about the same price as 1 set of Printed Plans you get 16 sets of Plans, 8 Gyrocopter-Helicopter Flight Manuals and a number of other files for your Education and Entertainment.

All files are PDF which can be easily viewed and printed from your own computer/printer or at FedEx Kinkos.

See the Description Below for the List of Files on this DVD.


  • Adams/Wilson 95 CAD Version Helicopter Plans

  • Adams/Wilson Original Version of Helicopter Plans

  • Compcop G-1 Helicopter Plans

  • Aeros Helicopter Plans

  • Bensen B8-B8M Gyrocopter Plans

  • Bensen B-80 Gyrocopter Plans

  • Choppy Helicopter Plans

  • Furia Ultralight Helicopter Plans

  • GyroBee Gyrocopter Plans

  • Helicom Jr. Helicopter Plans

  • Honeybee Gyrocopter Plans

  • Hornet Gyrocopter Plans

  • HX1 2 Seat Helicopter Plans

  • Jet2 Helicopter Plans

  • JT5 Gyrocopter Plans

  • Parsons Tandem Gyrocopter Frame Plans

  • FR140 Tandem Gyrocopter Airframe Plans


  • FAA Rotorcraft Flight Manual
  • Gyroplane Handbook
  • Law Enforcement Gyrocopter Information
  • Student Pilot Guide
  • What to Know About Flying Gyros


  • FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook
  • FAA Helicopter Instructors Handbook
  • The American Helicopter


  • Autogryo Overview
  • FAA Aircraft Materials, Processes & Hardware
  • Gamble Head Plans
  • Gyroplane Safety
  • J2 Gyroplane Flying Manual
  • Rotor head Plans
  • Testing a Light Gyroplane PhD Thesis
  • The Art of Gyroplane Construction
  • Ken Brock K2B Gyrocopter Assembly Manual
  • Mach 10 Gyroplane Assembly Manual
  • Rotor Tip Jet Helicopter Patent
  • Design, Manufacture and Testing of Subsonic Ramjet Engine
  • Tech Notes: Helicopter with Hydrogen-Peroxide-Rocket-Powered Blades

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The contents of the DVD presented here are for the educational use and enjoyment of those interested. No claim is made or implied for the accuracy of material presented. All plans have been are presented in the Original Condition from Each Designer, NO Edits or Modifications have been done. Content and opinions expressed within these files are solely those of the original authors. Should any design be built from these plans are done At Your Own Risk… By ordering this DVD you therefor agree to these terms.

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