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The function of hydrofoils is to lift the entire hull of a boat above the surface of the water. Since the hull of the craft is not in direct contact with the water an increase in speed can be expected of a boat and motor combination by at least 25%.

The building plans for these hydrofoils are the result of designing and testing many different types, sizes and shapes of hydrofoils over a period of several years. Detailed plans for building the specific boat with shich these hydrofoils have been tested with is also included in this publication. You can however use these hydrofoils on most any boat up to 16' in length.

The craft featred in these plans uses three seperate hydrofoils. Two of them are mounted forward on opposite sides of the boat hull and one foil is fastened onto the transom.

All hydrofoils may be swung up clear of the water so that the boat can be beached,
and the boat can be used in the conventional manner.


  • USES: Experimental outboard powered boat and hydrofoils for testing speed increase, load carrying capacity and maneuverabiltiy of a hydrofoil equpped boat. Boat may be used without hydrofoils for sport and fishing use.
  • BOAT: Flat bottom, scow-type hull battened air traps on bottom to aid foils quickly lift boat from surface of water.
  • HYDROFOILS: Steel framework, fiberglass covered air-foil shaped lift surfaces. Foils are retractable for ease of transport.

The plans in this publication were carefully reconstructed from a fragile 1970's publication. Keep in mind the drawings on this listing cannot represent the quality of those in the book. High quality 600 dpi drawings are used throughout the plans.


  • Hull Type: Flat Bottom, Scow
  • Overall Length: 10ft.
  • Beam: 4ft.
  • Weight: 200lbs with Foils and all Equipment
  • Capacity: 3 Persons with Hydrofoils, 4 without Hydrofoils
  • Power: 10 to 40hp, Long Shaft Outboard Motor.
  • Construction Material: Marine Plywood, Fiberglass Cloth/Resign

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-- This information is presented solely as a historical document, and without revision from the original printing.

-- No recommendations or claims are made as to the safety, suitability or accuracy of these plans.

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