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Trendy yachters get a pricey new toy.

SCUBA tanks and flippers are fine and good for the marine-loving masses, but among the adventure-at-any-cost crowd, the underwater apparatus to be seen in this year is a new $620,000 personal submarine.

The Triton 650 is a 2.8-ton submersible made especially for deployment from a "megayacht" (what you sail when a mere yacht just won't do). "There are about 225 yachts over 35 meters in length on the world charter market," says Bruce Jones, the president of U.S. Submarines, Inc., the company that designed the Triton 650. "In some cases, to be competitive they have to carry a lot of toys." Jet skis, fishing boats and helicopters (yawn) don't cut it anymore. But a personal sub stands out.

The two-seater Triton is about as cozy as a sports car and even more likely to impress a hot date. The standard model can plumb depths of 220 meters, and a deluxe version is capable of 400 meters. Lateral, vertical, fore and aft thrusters enable the vessel to navigate around coral reefs or anything else, with pinpoint precision.

The craft takes about six months to make, after which it is delivered to your yacht via container ship, along with a trainer who will help you prepare for your submarine pilot's license. Find out more and place your order.

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