Discovery 1000: Personal Luxury Submarine

The Discovery 1000 is a state-of-the-art submersible that offers panoramic viewing, contemporary styling, hydrodynamic efficiency and extraordinary range, endurance and maneuverability.

Originally designed for launch and recovery from a superyacht, the Discovery 1000 is a modular design available in either two-, four-, or six- passenger configuration all based on an identical external framework. A 40 KW diesel engine with hydrostatic drive can be added to each vehicle as an option to increase surface range and speed.

Unique Design Characteristics

The Discovery design prioritizes the following characteristics which have never before been accomplished together in a deep-diving submersible:

  • Minimum weight in air
  • Exceptional viewing
  • High level of comfort
  • Low hydrodynamic drag
  • Aesthetically pleasing contemporary styling
  • Boat-like surface characteristics
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Levels of safety consistent with ABS class
The Ultimate Yacht Tender

A turbine-powered helicopter is no longer the ultimate accoutrement to a superyacht. The new Discovery 1000, now under construction, boasts extraordinary viewing from a passenger compartment composed principally of transparent acrylic plastic. Now, guests aboard your yacht can dive to 305 meters. Enveloped in an intimate, luxury interior, your fascinating excursions into the ocean depths will surely be the topic of conversation dockside.

The Discovery, classed +A1 Manned Submersible by the American Bureau of Shipping, is easy to operate, with digital proportional joystick controls and an animated graphic touch screen control and monitoring system. Superior maneuverability is accomplished with four water-jet thrusters: one bow, one stern and two oriented vertically. Discovery's hydrodynamic design allows for submerged speeds of 6 knots and excellent range and endurance.

We work closely with the leading manufacturer of submersible launch and recovery equipment, and a low-impact system can be fitted to most yachts above 25 meters in length.

Discovery is also well suited for use as a shore- based submarine for day-long excursions. A unique cockpit allows the occupants to remain comfortably on deck while the vehicle is on the surface.

Discovery is fully air conditioned and has an automated life support system that provides the ultimate in cabin comfort.

The sophistication of the design is certain to make the Discovery the natural choice for discerning yacht owners interested in exploring the subsea world.

Commercial Opportunities

The Discovery 1000 in its four- or six-passenger configuration makes an ideal tourist submersible for resort locations. The incredible views from its transparent acrylic pressure hull coupled with its 305 meter depth capability will allow for relatively high ticket prices, enhancing this vehicle's profit- making potential.

Discovery 1000 Specifications
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