H20 Underwater Camcorder Housing Plans

The H20 underwater camcorder housing is designed to accomidate a number of compact camcorders
with a maximum axis not to exceed 6 inches, and can be built to any desired length.

The H20 Camcorder housing is constructed of common materials that can be purchased from any quality plumbing and hardware supplier. The housing can be customized to accommodate a variety of handles, viewfinders, video lights and still cameras. The pvc body will withstand years of diving abuse and the polycarbonate lens provides crystal clear videos. The wieght is approximately 7-11 pounds depending on the length of the housing, selected accessories and battery pack.

Reference Article: Dome Port vs Flat Port Theory

Midwest Engineering & Design builds custom camcorder housings to accommodate most compact cameras.
Prices range from $600 - $2500 depending on selected options and features.
Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

H20 Camcorder Housing Plans Set Includes:
Fully Illustrated Construction Manual and a Supplier Directory.

-- NOTICE: No Refunds are Offered on Plan Purchases. --


For H20 Camcorder Housing Plans to be shipped within the U.S.A.
$25.00(plans) + $5.50(shipping) = $30.50
No International Shipping available at This Time.

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