Kingston 15 Construction Process

2 x 4 frame construction for lofting table. Note sawhorse brackets are used for legs.

(2) 4’ x 8’ panels are aligned together for scarfing.

Scarf joint glued, weighted and left to dry for 24 hours.

Lofting measurements from prints is easy using the detailed drawings.

Transfer measurements from drawings to full size panels.
Double check measurements before cutting frame parts.

Use a flexible wood batton to connect “tick” marks to outline full size panels.
After panels have been drawn, check to see if they are fair and make necessary adjustments.
I like to use a router and batton guide to cut panels to exact size.
The router produces a clean smooth edge requiring no sanding.

Panels awaiting assembly.

Constructing framework for strongback base.

Verticle frames are made using 2 x 4’s and plywood panel braces.

Temporarily attach bulkheads to strongback frames using sheet rock screws.

Bulkhead attached, awaiting the others.

Detail showing inside structure of strongback and bulkheads.

Bulkheads in place and first section of side panels attached.

Sanding bow profile.

Bottom panel attached, seams taped, and sanding smooth.

Two pulleys fore and aft with a rope makes rolling hull over easy work.

Aft pulley system.

Hull rolled over ready for upper panels and interior work.

For being a 15’ boat there is lots of room for storage and flotation.

Use cardboard for temporary patterns, fine tune as required.
Trace cardboard templates onto plywood and cut to size.

With bunk/stowage areas constructed, the upper sections can be installed.
Note use of a comealong and 2 x 4 blocks to hold panes in place until seams were taped and glassed.

Aft section looking forward.
All seams were taped and glassed on the outside first.
The use of duct tape on the inside of the seams prevents the resin from oozing inside the hull.

Moving boat to new shop.

Kingston 15 and Starwind 22 in New Boat Shop.

Seat back frame work fiberglassed and ready to enclose.

Seat back wood installed, glued and clamped until set.

Grid pattern drawn onto deck to assist the allignment of bow pulpit.

More photos to come...stay tuned!

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