A Vintage Homebuilt Towable Glider of Wood and Fabric

All the elements of a good low-powered flying boat are incorporated in the Lawrence Water Glider shown beached in the vintage photo above. It can be towed behind most any boat and it will take off at relatively low speeds.

Mr. L. W. Lawrence has built a glider which has enough wing area to be converted into a low-powered flying boat with the addition of a small ultralight engine. Orginally designed in the mid 1930's, this water glider was the first of it's kind to ever be published in America! In addition to the plans contained in the book Mr. L. W. Lawrence gives his account, in his own words the ins and outs of it's construction.

Overview of Contents:

  • Wing Construction
  • Control Cables
  • Aileron Construction
  • Details of the Spars
  • Applying Pinked Edge Tape
  • The Bottom Boom
  • Fastening the Wing
  • Elevator Hinges
  • Pontoon Construction
  • Construction of Center Struts and Fittings
  • Longeron to Pontoon Fittings
  • A 1930's Materials Guide
  • 30 Pages

The plans in this publication were carefully reconstructed from a fragile 1930's publication. Keep in mind the drawingson this listing cannot represent the quality of those in the book. High quality 600 dpi drawings are used throughout the plans.


  • Classification: Ultralight Bi-Wing Glider
  • Wing Span Upper Wing: 28'
  • Wing Span Lower Wing: 16'
  • Wing Area Upper: 119 sq. ft.
  • Wing Area Lower: 68 sq. ft.
  • Length: 17' 2"
  • Height to Tail: 7.5'
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Construction Materials: Wood and Fabric

Please Note:
-- This information is presented solely as a historical document, and without revision from the original printing.

-- No recommendations or claims are made as to the safety, suitability or accuracy of these plans.

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