The Nomad 1000 is the world's first luxury submarine.

Unlike battery-powered tourist submersibles or their research counterparts, all of which are severely limited in speed, range and endurance, the Nomad 1000 is a true autonomous submarine. Nomad is capable of running on the surface with diesel engines, diving for extended periods under battery power, surfacing and then recharging batteries and high-pressure air tanks while underway. But like tourist submersibles, Nomad has large acrylic viewports to provide its occupants with spectacular, panoramic views of the undersea world. Nomad also possesses the qualities of a luxury yacht: an elegant and comfortable interior, a fully equipped galley and an enclosed marine toilet with shower.

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Why Own a Nomad 1000?

The Nomad 1000 is unique. In the history of transportation, there has never been anything like her. Nomad's existence is possible now largely because of advances in materials technology and developments in control and operating systems. In fact, if you can skipper a motor yacht, we can train you to safely and effectively operate the Nomad 1000.

Ownership of a Nomad provides you with the opportunity to explore an entirely new world. Quite literally, you and your guests will be able to travel to places completely unexplored by humankind. Man has viewed only a small fraction of the sea floor, and with Nomad you will be able to experience not only the teeming brightness of tropical coral reefs, but also the deep, silent recesses of the sea at 305 meters (1000').

Nomad's 1000 nautical mile surface range provides a plethora of possibilities. From the splendid Cayman Wall to the tropical abundance of the Sea of Cortez, the world's most renowned dive sites await you. On the surface you can cruise comfortably, enjoying the smoothness provided by integrated roll stabilizers and the reliability of twin turbo diesels. Stay in touch with VHF and SSB radios or with the optional Inmarsat M satellite communications system. Your surface navigation will be assisted by a gyrocompass and autopilot, along with ARPA equipped radar integrated to a chart plotter and GPS.

If the weather deteriorates, or if you crave some isolation or just a change of scenery, simply close the hatch and dive. You can either continue to cruise toward your destination submerged, or you can take a break, settling Nomad on the sea floor and enjoying the view through the panoramic viewports. After a luxurious dinner, you might do some exploring, using the high-resolution color sonar to locate notable features.

Tired? You can retire to a queen-sized bed with the world's most exclusive view - through a remarkable five foot diameter viewport, and you can light the subsea vista with up to sixteen 1000 watt, quartz halogen undersea lights. In the morning, after a hot shower and breakfast, you can surface Nomad, start the diesels and continue on to the next destination.

The Nomad 1000 was designed with safety, efficiency, luxury and performance as primary criteria. We invite you to become one of the few, fortunate owners of this truly remarkable submarine vehicle.

Commercial Opportunities

The Nomad, in its 24- or 36-passenger tourist submarine configuration, is perfect for the popular business of taking tourists on hour-long subsea excursions. Unlike battery-powered tourist submersibles, the diesel electric Nomad 1000 is capable of recharging its batteries and high-pressure air banks while underway. This autonomy eliminates the need for surface support ships and shore facilities, while giving the Nomad greater performance. When compared to contemporary tourist submersibles, our submarine will dive seven times deeper (300 meters vs. 50 meters) and travel six times faster (12 knots vs. 2 knots) with 50 times the range (1000 miles vs. 20 miles). The Nomad is clearly superior to its competition.

We also believe that the 12-passenger executive configuration has exceptional merit. Longer excursions that include drinks and meals served while submerged would be unique and potentially very profitable.

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