Nomad 1000 Specifications

General Specifications:


ABS+A1 Manned Submersible

Operating Depth

305 meters


varies from 10-24


1 or 2


19.7 meters (64.5')


3.7 meters (12')

Pressure Hull Diameter

2.4 meters (8')

Height Overall

5.8 meters (19')


2.7 meters (9.0')

Weight in Air

72 tons

Bow Viewport Diameter

152.4 cm (60")

Dynamic Characteristics

Maximum Surface Speed

11.0 knots

Cruising Surface Speed

9.0 knots

Max. Submerged Speed

5.0 knots


Surface Diesels

2 x 187 kW (250 HP)

Diesel Engine Type

Cummins 6BTA5.9M


Single 7.6 cm (3")


5 blade, 97 cm (38")

Main Electric Motor/Generator

82 kW (110 HP)

Vertical Thrusters

2 x 7.5 kW (10 HP)

Lateral Thrusters

2 x 7.5 kW

Hydraulic Pumps

19 kW (25 HP)

Endurance (Predicted)

Surface Range

1000 nautical miles

Submerged Endurance 

3.3 hours at 5 knots

13 hours at 3 knots 

25 hours at 2 knots

50 hours at 1 knot

Battery and Electrical Systems

Main Battery

240 VDC-1200 A/H

Communication Battery

24 VDC

Control Battery

24 VDC

Emergency Battery

24 VDC

Total Battery Capacity

322 KWH

Battery Charging Time

12 hours

Electric Generator

85 kW

DC-AC Inverter

5 kW solid state

Ballast and Trim Systems

Main Ballast Capacity

18,000 KG

Variable Ballast

2,000 KG


4,000 KG

Gas Supply

Main Oxygen

42 cu m (1500 cu ft)

Reserve Oxygen

50 cu m (1800 cu ft) 

Main Air

50 cu m (1800 cu ft)

Reserve Air

127 cu m (4500 cu ft)

Air Compressor

850 Lpm (30 CFM)

Life Support

Mission Life Support

125 hours for 12 passengers

Emergency Life Support

150 hours for 12 passengers

Carbon Dioxide Absorbent

M.P. Sofnolime

Air Conditioning

42,000 BTU

Navigation and Communications

Compass Main

Gyro compass

Compass reserve


Speed Log


Depth Gauge

400 meter, analog and digital

Active Sonar

Color Imaging

Surface Communications

Marine VHF

Subsurface UWT

10 and 27 KHZ

Additional Instrumentation

Custom Control LCDs

Ballast Indicators

Thruster Control Panel

Hydraulic Panel

F-16 Style Joystick

Hydraulic Pressure

RPM Gauge

Depth Sounder CRT

Rudder Indicator

Video Camera System

Life Support Panel

Video Monitors

Oxygen Gauges

Electrical Panel

Oxygen Analyzer

Volt andAmp Meters

Carbon Dioxide Monitor

IR andCircuit Protection

Alarm Panel

Lighting Panel

Interlock Indicators


Flammable Gas Monitor


Fire Suppression System


Ballast Panel


Air Pressure Gauges


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