R.R.M.S. Submarine for Sale
(Rapid Response Manned Submersible)

The working environment within the RRMS (Rapid Resopnse Manned Submersible), does not require the use of scuba regulators and masks inside the cockpit, which in turn allows for excellent communications, unrestricted visibility and operation of various electronic systems.

The unique ability to carry a large array of sophisticated mission specific systems along with the ability to exit the vehicle at depth, provide the user with rapid response manned intervention, data recovery and pilot comfort and safety.

Utilizing ambient pressure submarine technology along with strategic alliance partners, this R.R.M.S. Two Diver Sub is a state of the art, shallow water, security platform. The RRMS provides a rapidly deployable, manned submersible platform to which *optional equipment could be added such as: Multi Frequency Digital Imaging Sonar, Cameras using Real Time Video Enhancement, Hull Scanning Sonar, GPS, Underwater Wireless Communications, Onboard Computer for viewing Enhanced Sonar Images and a Sub Mounted Fly-Out ROV System.

(*Optional equipment not included in listed price.)
Please feel to contact us for details.

R.R.M.S. Submarine Specifications:

System Voltage:

12 Volts

Battery Capacity:

200 amp hours

Control System:



42 lb. max. Thrust Each

Primary Air Supply:

(2) 80 cu. ft. Tanks

Reserve Air Supply:

(1) 80 cu. ft. Tank

Spare Air:

(2) 1.5 cu. ft. Bottles

Maximum Depth:

150 ft.

Top Speed:

4 Knots


120" L x 72" W x 55" H


1300 lbs.

Price as Listed: $40,000.00

R.R.M.S. Sub Images

View Through Forward Viewing Lens.

On Trailer and Test Dive.

Lower Interior Cockpit and Reserve Air Tank.

R.R.M.S Two Diver Sub built in 2002, Serial # CST0012M0502 by Canadian Submarine Technologies. This Submarine is a 2 person, ambient pressure submersible.

This sub is powered by (2) 12 volt deep cycle gel cell batteries with 200 amp hour reserve. The submarine is propelled by (2) electric thrusters generating 42 lbs. of thrust each.

The air system consists of (2) 80 cu. ft. Reservair system consists of
(1) 80 cu. ft. scuba tank. Both systems using Aqualung Calypso 105100 regulators. Emergency air consists of (2) 1.5 cu. ft. Spare Airs. Internal plumbing of both main and reservair systems all plumbed using 316 stainless tubing, swagelok fittings and stainless penetration manifolds. The internal air system includes main air supply pressure gauges, reservair pressure gauge and emergency high pressure shut off valves. All reserve to main air cross over connections use high pressure stainless ball valves.

This R.R.M.S. Submarine uses an electronic buoyancy control system. The submarine uses 2 bottomless ballast tanks, forward and aft. Ballast tank flood controls are mounted overhead consisting of (2) 1/2" ball valves and piping.

The electrical system consists of a 100 amp dash mounted breaker panel, dash mounted charging port, volt meter and an auto/manual bouyancy control switch.

Thruster control is accomplished with a 8 position joystick. All fasteners, lifting and tie down eyes used are 316 stainless steel. Submarine has 700 Ibs. of lead ballast, complete with 220 lbs. of ballast trim/drop weight.

The submarine has 1 forward viewing surface, (2) 9" dome lenses and (2) dash mounted downward viewing surfaces. The sub is complete with a rear entrance security cover.

This R.R.M.S. submarine package includes a custom built tandem axle trailer with electric brakes, launch dolly, electric winch, spare tank racks, (4) spare 80 cu. ft. scuba tanks and operation manuals.

NOTE: Sub Pilot Training is required for this vessel.
Sub Pilot Training per pilot (7 Day Program in Vancouver) $3250.00.

Training is also available at customer location ($3250.00 per pilot) to include travel and expenses which are extra.

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