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March 2009

Triton 1000: 2-3-Passanger, 1000' or 3000' Depth Sub

The Triton 1000 is a new, state-of-the-art, luxury submersible in 2- or 3-passenger configurations for rated depths of either 1000 or 3000 feet. Unlike other submersibles advertised for use aboard large yachts, the Triton 1000 was designed specifically to be yacht-based, by a group that has a tremendous amount of operational experience with deep submersibles of all types. Critical to the safety of yacht-based operations, the Triton's catamaran configuration provides extraordinary surface stability coupled with excellent freeboard between water-line and hatch to allow for comfortable and save exit and entry while surfaced. Minimum weight, ease of maintenance and intuitive operation with touch screen monitors and digital proportional joystick control make Triton the submarine of choice for the discerning yacht owner.

The Triton is lassed +A1 Manned Submersible by the American Bureau of Shipping. ABS classed submersibles have ah impeccable safety record and currently carry over 1.5 million people anually.

The Triton has been designed, engineered and built by U.S. Submarines, Inc., a company with 14 years of experience in the civil submarine industry. The first Triton was delivered to the new 164 foot yacht Mine Games in December 2007. Mine Games is the only yacht in the world charter fleet to have a true deep submersible aboard capable of diving to 1000 feet.

Triton pricing begins a $1.69 million and U.S. Submarines has been taking orders and making deliveries since late 2008.

Triton 1000 / 2: Specifications

Length 10.5 ft (3.2m)
Width 8.7 ft (2.65 m)
Height 6.1ft (1.85 m)
Pressure Hull OD 63.4 in (1600 mm)
Entrance Hatch ID 19.7 in (500 mm)
Pressure Hull ID 56.7 in (1440 mm)


Builder U.S. Submarines, Inc.
Designer U.S. Submarines, Inc.
Certification ABS+AI Manned Submersible
Certification 2 Cayman Island MSA
Payload 450 lb (205 kg)
Depth 1,000 ft (305 m)
Speed 2.0 knots
Crew Pilot plus one passenger
Variable Ballast 88 lb (40 kg)
Main Ballast 3,080 lb (1,400 kg)


24 Volt Battery Capacity 5 kWh
120 Volt Battery Capacity 12.6 kWh
Main Thrusters Two (2) x 2 kW (2.68 hp)
Vertrans Thrusters Two (2) x 1 kW (1.34 hp)
Operational Endurance 6 hours (depending on profile)
Control PLC based control & monitoring system with touch screen interface text here


Submerged Dual frequency UWT system
Surfaced VHF radio (Interfaced to GPS)
Ethernet Wireless to surface vessel
Acoustic Modem USBL (9kbps max) - Optional

Air Conditioning

Power Consumption 450 watts total
Water Extraction 5.0 Liter/hour
Two Super Cool Pelter effect - 210 watts each
One Glycol cooling Loop circulation pump - 25 watts

Life Support

Type Oxygen system with CO2 scrubber
Main Air Two (2) x 17 liter @ 200 bar (3,000psi)
Reserve Air One (1) x 17 liter @ 200 bar (3,000psi)
Main Oxygen One (1) x 17 liter @ 200 bar (3,000psi)
Reserve Oxygen One (1) x 17 liter @ 200 bar (3,000psi)
Monitors O2, CO2, Temp, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Depth, Gas Pressures

Emergency Equipment
First Aid & Sub Tool Kit
Manual drop weight release
Manual location buoy release
Atmospheric sample pump with tubes
Emergency 24 volt battery located inside sphere
SCUBA - Two (2) (CSE SR-100)
Emergency life support (rations/water) - 96 houurs

Depth Gauge
Fluxgate compass & magnetic compass
Mechanical clinometers
Motion sensor (pitch and roll)
RF beacon with pressure sensor
Xenon strobe with pressure and light sensor

Optional Equipment
High-resolution color imaging sonar
Multi-beam sonar
5-axis manipulator
Gripper arm
High-definition cameras (digital still or video)
Pan and tilt for cameras
Ultra-short baseline tracking system
Acoustic modem
Doppler sonar velocity log
HID lights (quartz halogen standard)
Specimen basket
Fish feeder system
Laser-guided speargun

NOTE: Triton 1000 is available in 3-passenger and 3000-foot version.

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